I’ll have to dig it out, I’m still not fully unpacked. >.>; 

But I will leaf around in my trunks and find it for you! I will let you know as soon as I do. 

You’re a peach uvu


Don’t mock my pain. It makes me wheat tears of sorrow every time. 

I’m going to walk away before this gets too punful. 

I’ll take you’re book, though, thank you very much. :)


Because then your family comes in and are like ‘oh no are you cooking meth in here!?’ and you’re like ‘no the power is out and i want butter on my bread but its hard as a rock so I’m melting it!’ and they’re like ‘then why are you using a beaker!’ and you say ‘cause all the dishes are dirty!’ then they say ‘why are you holding it over a candle!’ and you groan and remind them ‘the power is out dear liza!’

…then you end up eating your bread with no butter for sassing everyone. ): 


that is a very heartwarming story.

and butterwarming.


No way! It’s just how they do it in commercial kitchens! 

…but I would avoid melting butter over a bunsen burner. 

WHY NOT? That sounds cool!!


I’ve gotten better! D: …Nyx even lets me cook unsupervised.. sometimes…

Oh.. well still! I’d be happy to let you have the book! If you do ever get a scale.. 

My mom’s gonna think I’ve gone mad scientist.


…okay so here’s the deal. At my old school you could take culinary as an elective. I maybe stole a baking textbook. But the recipes are kinda useless without scales… oops…




I’m worried about you burning down a kitchen…..

And I don’t have scales. 8(

Can I just place an order for Johnny Mackenzie?

I couldn’t manage to nab his soul, so he’s not mine to sell. :(((((

I’ll trade you two whole cookie recipe for two whole dozen cookie.

tempting proposition. What’ve you got. 

do you only sell peanut cookies? what about allergies?

NO WAY. One type of cookie would be BORING. When I launch a full cookie business, there’ll be at least, like, 10 whole kinds of cookie. 


HAH! I sold my soul long ago to rock n’ roll. B)

DRAT. Foiled by rock n’ roll once again. 

I’ll get you next time, Rockstar. B(